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Our giant Canoe has since been remodeled. changes include a sunsbrella cover to protect from rain, new seating arrangement, new prow and artwork. She is licensed to carry 12 plus crew. Go to Mothership for a better description of this kayak carrying and tour vessel.









Blackfish has been conducting both day and overnight camping adventure tours for students for over 10 years now. These for the most part involve our Giant Canoe and inflatable as support vessels- allowing us to provide a convenient, varied and safe marine experience for students. The following is a description of our day adventure programs. Call us for information on our overnight camping tours to the Gulf Islands and to Port Renfrew on the West Coast (our Rainforest tour).

OAK BAY COMBINATION KAYAK AND GIANT CANOE ECO-TOUR (4.5 Hours) This tour introduces students to the many marine birds an animals which call these islands and waters "home". It includes a number of team building exercises on Cadboro Bay beach which will be fun..

Itinerary: The ocean part of our adventure comprises a 1.5 hour motorized tour of the Chain, Discovery and Chatham Island coastline in the Aquitania, our Giant cedar strip Canoe . "Hands-on" activities on this boat include pulling a crab trap, and examining bull kelp (everyone gets to feel it and taste it as well as play a tune on it). We use this opportunity to discuss the important role this algae plays in the lives of animals such as sea otter - and humans.

At the midway point the two groups will come together for lunch on Cadboro Bay beach. We will oranize some beach games. For the second half of the Program, students will trade boats - those having kayaked for example will be taken by inflatable for their turn on the Giant Canoe to tour the islands, and vice versa.

Group size is limited to 24 students plus their teachers or escorts. Cost is $55. for students for cuse of our vessel, kayaks, guides and equipment. Students will be required to transfer to and fro our Vessel from the inflatable.





This Program is essentially patterned after the above and uses both our kayaks and our Giant Canoe for the acitivites described. The diiference is that we have our picnic and do our "team building" exercises on Discovery Island Marine Park. We will also will have more time to participate in group activities during the day.- such as games which encourage team play, and problem solving in an atmosphere of competetition and friendly rivalry.

Activities on this Island feature a hike through the forest to Sea Bird Lighthouse. Here students will be awed by the view of Haro and Juan de Fuca straits from atop Pandora Hill and amused by stories of the lighthouse's history; the lives of its keepers, the rum-running connection and the ship wrecks. The challenging hike along the rugged cliffs and log-strewn beaches of Discovery will be another highlight, as will the visit to Captain Beaumont's former homestead. Here we will learn more about this interesting if not infamous character.

The kayaking portion of the day will have students exploring the shorelilnes of Discovery and the maze of small uninhabited islands which comprise this wilderness archipelago. The marine reserves present a wide diversity of wildlife as well as safe paddling to be experienced in these protected waters.

Group size is limited to 24 students plus their teachers or escorts. Cost is $90. for students for charter of our Giant Canoe and use of kayaks, guides and equipment. Some physical dexterity will be required to transfer to and fro our Vessel from the inflatable.