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Renamed the Aquitania, our unique vessel, has recently been rebuilt . She now combines features from Thai long-tailed boats and early 1900's Edwardian Launches (complete with distinctive Edwardian art work). Her newly installed canopy is better suited to the climate of our West Coast. New seats which have also been installed feature back rests for added comfort. Complying with all safety regulations, the Aquitania is presently licensed to carry 12 passengers. Her 8' beam enables her to transport both double and single kayaks sufficient for up to 12 persons quite handily. An inflatable is brought along to convey paddlers to and fro shore.


A design feature that cannot be understated is the her shallow draft, less than 6 inches!. This feature enables the Aquitania to cruise the shallow waters of the islands, following the shorelines and shoals literally in the wake of our kayaks. It also allows us to beach the craft when convenient. As you can see from the picture on the right, the engine can be retracted in its well, reducing her draft even further. Her 8 foot prow gives her ample safety margin in rough seas (it also serves as a great look-out position for wildlife and a popular perch for kids).

This Aquitania (nee Qaanas) was originally completed in 1991 by the Tour Operator . Consuming nearly a barrel of West System epoxy, she is the largest cedar stip canoe to be so constructed. Originally built along Nuu Chah Nulth lines (First Nations') lines (using old growth red and yellow cedar) she could originally be sailed as well as paddled and motored. Her present top speed using her 45 h.p. inboard engine is 12 knots (achieving planning speed).

For an in-depth article describing the Tour Operator's construction of this unique vessel, and the history of such native craft, click.


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