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Blackfish's advantage is that our operation is entirely mobile: we trailer our kayaks to over four diverse locations around Victoria and the south Island- to whatever paddling area suits paddlers.


Bringing back our Kayak Mothership now enables us to offer some of the best kayaking to be had on the south coast - the Discovery-Chatham Islands off Oak Bay being the best example. Best of all, we can offer tours to these islands for all age groups and experience levels without subjecting them to an uncomfortable if not dangerous channel crossing.


Oak Bay features two marine conservation areas, each home to large colonies of seals and sea birds. You can also encounter sea lions, dolphins and porpoises as well as raptors such as ospreys and eagles throughout these Gulf Island waters.







You can add whale watching to your 3 hour or day kayak tour. You have a choice of combining both activities on the same day or doing them on separate days. You also have the choice of being dropped off after whale watching at Oak Bay (where you started your kayaking) or in Victoria Harbour. Click here for more information.









Our most popular paddles around Victoria are listed below. Oak Bay "the wild side of Victoria" is known for its wildlife and island attractions (see picture of the islands below below). Todd Inlet is the place to paddle if you are seeking serenity and beauty. Note that previous experience is not a requirement for these tours. We provide basic instruction and guidance. Enquire for family and group rates.

K 3. Oak Bay & Chain Islands (3 hours) - our most popular tour: This tour explores the interesting and varied shoreline around Oak and Cadboro Bay. We also venture out to the edge of the Chain Islands Marine Conservation Area to view seals and sea bird colonies. Your guide will give you a special introduction into the world of giant kelp and otters. Note that we can extend this tour by one hour if we were to include a picnic stop at Cadboro Bay beach (Gyro Park). This beach features all manner of recreational activities for children, including a 40 foot replica of the famous Cadborosaurus, a sea monster which kids can climb)*.

Cost K 3 Tour is $70. adults and $50. persons under 12 if go in a double (plus tax). * Add $10. per person if we include a stopover and picnic at Cadboro Beach (add extra hour).

Our 2 hour "Coastal Explorer" (K2 Tour) is an abbreviated version of the above tour. Cost is $60. adults and $50. persons under 12 for this shorter tour, plus tax.

We generally depart from the beach next to the boat ramp on Beach Drive to the left of the Oak Bay Marina at 9 and at 1:30 daily (other locations can include Willows Beach and Gyro Park on Cadboro Bay). Both tours are suitable for beginners



K 7. Discovery & Chatham Islands Mothership Paddle (6.5 hours) - a unique tour of the Islands which only Blackfish offers: This "mothership" tour features a trip across Oak Bay and across Baynes Channel to the Discovery and Chatham islands in our 45 foot cedar strip motor launch - leaving you fresh to kayak this wild island acrchipelago. This "island-hopping" includes wildlife viewing, picnicking on a lovely sand beach, hiking forest trails and kayaking around these wild shorelines. The two marine wildife sanctuaries adjacent assure lots of wildlife encoounters! All of the kayaking is done in the protected waters in and around the islands, making this day tour sutable for beginners also. Note that there is a "tag-along" option for non paddlers.


the Discovery-Chatham Islands off Oak Bay provide spectacular kayaking

The spectacular view of Juan de Fuca and Haro straits and coast mountains from the lighthouse on Discovery Island Marine Park will be another highlight. This uninhabited Island has in interesting history of rum-running and First Nations use. You will be introduced to the interesting if not infamous life of Captain Beaumont who lived here for much of his life, and hear some fascinating stories about the lighthouse keepers.

Cost: Adults $125. Teens and Children are $95. and $90. resp. (plus tax). Tours Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (or most any day for organized groups of 4 or more paddlers). You can "tag-along" as a non paddler for $$60.We depart from the boat ramp on Beach Drive to the left of Oak Bay Marina entrance at 9:00 a.m. We return by 3:30 p.m. Reservations required. Lunches can be provided for $15.


K 4 Todd & Saanich Inlet (4 hours). Our paddling destination is a beautiful fjord, characterized by extremely deep waters, and flanked by steep mountain slopes. Much of the shoreline along the upper reaches of this inlet is thickly forested park land; wild and pristine. These waters are noted for their safe and sheltered paddling conditions the year around. We can lunch on an idylic small island which affords and unforgettable view of Saanich Inlet.

Saanich Inlet is recognized by scientists as a unique biological laboratory harbouring such exotic species as the world's largest octopus (only four other inlets in the world share conditions like it). For an added treat, the upper reaches of this inlet feature waters warm enough during the summer for comfortable swimming - unusual  for salt water along our coast!  After your tour, you can be dropped off at the Butchart Gardens or a funky seaside eatery (Blue's Bayou), both convenient to our haul out.  

Cost is $105. for Adults and $90. Children under 16 (plus tax). We meet for this paddle at the SW corner of the Mayfair Shopping Centre (Finlayson and Douglas Avenue) to organize car pooling before heading to our launch point near the Mill Bay ferry at the bottom of Verdier Ave in Brentwood Bay (about a 40 minute drive from down-town Victoria).

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