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RAIN FOREST TO OCEAN KAYAK CAMPING (or cabin - based) ADVENTURE -There is a place where ocean meets rain forest and where you can still camp on the beach, close to the surf, and have a blazing campfire. Here the stars are bright, and there is a lazy river to kayak which will leave all traces of civilizationbehind as you round the first bend ..With a backdrop of forested hillsides and thundering ocean, this place is as good as it gets. The jumping off spot for this magical place is Port Renfrew, a quaint village located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, on the edge of the wild, just a couple of hours drive from Victoria.

Wildlife surprises abound: Huge Roosevelt Elk drinking at the water's edge, and in the fall, countless salmon use your kayak as marine slalom posts as they stream up the river to spawn. Victoria soon feels like a thousand kilometres away!

Highlights include kayaking the San Juan River, exploring sea caves, ocean, surfing , visiting Botanical Beach, renowned for its sandstone formations and intertidal lilfe, hiking the San Juan Trail and swimming in fresh water lakes. There is drift wood aplenty on this beach for a latter day Robinson Crusoe types to build the fire or the log fortress of their dreams.

Cost 2 days: $350. Can.  per person all-inclusive (4 or more persons) A 3 day beach-camping tour is $500. per person  Includes kayaks, all equipment, food, van transport from Victoria (or pick up from B& B's enroute) and back, and guides. There is also a cottage/hot tub alternative to camping (price dependant on the type of accommodation desired). This tour can be tailored for either beginners and families or moe experienced paddlers who would lilke to ocean surf and to explore the sea caves.



THE DEER GROUP (BARCLAY SOUND) - 5.5 day adventure

This area has it all: large colonies of sea lions, sea birds, sea caves, boomers, and fog has dissipated rustic camp sites with majestic views of the coast mountains. These rugged chain of islands are located on the southern flank of the Broken Group, in Barclay Sound. Our jumping off spot is the fishing village of Bamfield, once the terminus of the first trans Atlantic undersea cable. The many islands provide for protected paddling. We will establish at least two campsites from which to explore this island archipelago. One interesting side trip is to visit the Fisheries Research station here.

Price 5 day Tour: $950. Can. all incl. Minimum 6 persons. max 6.
Departure Date: any time for organized groups of 4 or more.
Includes all food, kayak and camping equipment, dry bags, transport to and fro Bamfield from Victoria.
It excludes travelling expenses to/fro Bamfield.
Experience Level: some ocean experience preferred, as well as a good level of fitness